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Triffic is an AR rewards application that provides users with the ability to accumulate incentives through daily activities in their daily life such as walking around, running, transporting among different places, riding, and any other things you think you can do when moving.

Integration of virtual information into the real world is not something new in the gaming industry. Pokemon Go is a successful example of Augmented Reality.

It brought a great deal of attraction to everyone, especially those technology enthusiasts through an exciting gaming experience in a completely new and unique style than ever.

In the era of digital currency, AR has found itself in a transformative innovation as the high-end tech teams up with blockchain to bring on a new gamified app: Triffic.

So what is Triffic and how can users benefit from this app? We will find out in this article.

What is Triffic?

AR works to bring real-world experiences with virtual information to users. You can still move in the real world, from the streets, library, office to get rewarded and still be able to participate in catching Beacons on your own by interacting on the screen.

Triffic uses virtual interactive technology, so players will need a smart mobile device with a network connection (3G, 4G, etc…) and GPS enabled to check the location.

The key point is that the virtual interactive technology is first applied to the game, instead of sitting in one place, you will need to go to the street, walk around the park, go to the school, to the hospital to generate your rewards.

Each type of technology has its own uniqueness, Triffic doesn’t define itself as an entertainment product.

In fact, the approach goes beyond it and in a different direction. The mix of real and virtual with AR technology can create two situations in one environment without time or money spending.

With AR being as popular as it is, the potential for Triffic to become a worldwide trend is high. Users can immediately use their smartphone, or another compatible device, device to join the app without having to use other tools.

How does Triffic work?

According to the team at Triffic, the way the app works is similar to basic AR games: Users will move around, go everywhere, using the Triffic App with active GPS, and get rewarded for the amount of activities they make during the day.

In other words, Triffic functions as a combination of a workout program and AR gaming.

Every single time you move to different locations, you surely get rewarded but it’s not the only interesting part. Triffic’s concept is based on a fair algorithm called Proof of Effort and as its name suggests, given rewards will be calculated on the amount of effort one user put into the app.

For example, for the same distance of three kilometers, one player that runs will receive a higher reward compared to another one who has driven with Triffic.

Triffic Miles: Triffic’s in-app reward token

Inspired by Pokémon Go, Triffic also develops the feature of Beacons finding and users can collect them to unlock new offerings. The app has several types of Beacons for players to capture, each type can be found around every corner.

Players will be able to meet them in their local area and get surprised with the mystery rewards inside each beacon. It could be treasure chests, exciting gifts from your local businesses, or a special power with a higher chance of growing your incentives later on.

When you go to new points, your map is expanded, new milestones bring more Beacons that you can take away and you will never know what is waiting for you inside these unlocked Beacons.

In general, it’s simple to get started with Triffic. The app will entertain you, connect you with friends, motivate you to work out through moving and explore new places.

As the team focuses on offering users an exciting experience in the app, and the types of beacons will keep upgraded and added. Players can also create their own beacons and redeem rewards in the real world in the local locations.

Triffic Miles and GPS token

GPS tokens Triffic has connected to its sister app – GPS Pay – to generate the use of GPS tokens. GPS Tokens is the cryptocurrency accelerating GPS Pay, the local payment system which adds to the adjustment in your wallet.

When participating in Triffic app, the rewards are based on individual efforts, whether you like workout or prefer to stick to your day-to-day routines. For each of your movements, you will receive Triffic Miles and can convert them to GPS tokens to enable the use of local services.

GPS Tokens are the cryptocurrency that powers GPS Pay,
GPS Tokens are the cryptocurrency that powers GPS Pay,

Prior to integrating the GPS child chain to the main network, Triffic’s GPS token needs to be unlocked through hard forking the Ardor blockchain.

A child chain is essentially a distinct blockchain that shares its parent’s same architecture and permits the movement of properties from one to another. The child chain is normally kept separate from the main chain by a separate body, but the interoperability keeps the two work together without any restrictions.

You can take the following steps for GPS Pay registration:

  • First, you need to set up the Triffic app in your mobile phone, Triffic is available both on Android and iOS
  • The next step is to create your account, the registration proceeds speedily with no additional charge
  • After completing setting up your account, the system will move you to the GPS Pay Plug-in process
  • Now you can enjoy the Triffic app. How to level up quickly is always something gamers are very interested in, when participating in the application, leveling up is also very important. Whether you’re an AR gaming expert or a newbie, you can get specific experience to level up with Triffic and hit Level 5 for Moving About, Beacon Collection, and Power Ups.
  • When moving with the GPS enabled, Triffic will reward and incentivize users with Triffic Miles. With these earnings, you can swap to get GPS tokens at the rate of 1:1. GPS tokens are used to exchange/purchase services in your local community.

The proof of effort algorithm of Triffic would decrease the amount of Triffic Miles earned by 50% once each month. This indicates that 75 Triffic miles will be distributed through a Reward Beacon which had previously released 150 Triffic miles.

Though initial entrants clearly profits, halving also means that Triffic and the GPS Token network will extend their user base seamlessly.

Apart from its signature offerings, Triffic also has an affiliate program, which allows Triffic users to boost their income. Each customer gets a custom referral link that they can advertise to friends and family and receives Triffic Miles when they register.

Triffic roadmap: What should we expect?

Since its launch in 2020, the Triffic ecosystem is constantly developing new functionality, providing the community with many new capabilities and features.

As Blockchain and AR technologies continue to be developed, it will accelerate the revolution of the game industry and stimulate the user with a more exciting experience.

There’s a lot of great things to expect, particularly when Triffic 2.0 Soft Launch comes closer in June this year.

If you want to learn more about Triffic, and prepare to participate in one of the most innovative uses of both blockchain and AR, check out its website, and stay up to date with all the developments at Triffic!

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