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Alt season has arrived, but the window of opportunity is small, so you need to make sure not to miss your chance. Alt coins are seeing serious action and are now outpacing Bitcoin, however the lower market cap alts have historically had trouble sustaining their momentum over the long term. While showing their strongest performance since 2017, in the wake of the Bitcoin rally, even the highest cap alts involve a great deal of risk, because the crypto markets are so insanely volatile.

To make the most money from the current crypto surge, simply buying altcoins and then selling them when the price begins to drop is not the answer. You don’t want to have to stay glued to your screen, 24/7, to make sure you don’t suddenly lose everything when the alt season turns to salt season. You need a strategy with close to zero risk that can earn you a huge return, safely and with minimal effort, over the long term.

That strategy is crypto arbitrage. 

There’s a Less Risky Way to Get a Piece of the Alts Action?

Crypto arbitrage is widely acknowledged, not just by crypto investors, but also by the broader financial community to be one of the lowest-risk forms of investing. It is used by investment firms, hedge funds, retail investors and financial institutions and is a standard element of many traditional portfolios.

The reason it involves almost no risk whatsoever is that it is not dependent on crypto market volatility to make a profit. Rather, crypto arbitrage generates a return by exploiting temporary price inefficiencies across exchanges. These are brief instances where, sometimes just for a second, a cryptocurrency is available at different prices at the same time. To see what this means in practice, let’s take as an example, ArbiSmart, which is one of the more popular, licensed crypto arbitrage platforms.

ArbiSmart, like other such platforms is fully automated, since no human being has the speed and efficiency required to take advantage of crypto arbitrage opportunities manually. The company’s AI-based algorithm is connected to 35 different exchanges which it monitors 24/7, tracking hundreds of cryptocurrencies simultaneously, to find and exploit price inefficiencies, for returns that reach up to 45%. 

What About Long-term Profits?

While there are many undervalued alts with strong growth potential, most do not have the longevity of BTC or ETH and it can be a risky proposition to try and anticipate, which, if any of those seeing a rise in value right now have staying power. In contrast, crypto arbitrage offers reliable long-term profits. 

At ArbiSmart, you can enjoy guaranteed returns starting at 10.8% and reaching as high as 45% depending on the amount you have invested. It is all laid out clearly, and transparently on the Accounts page where you can see your ROI per month and per year, based on your account level. Over the long term there are additional profits, earned from compound interest and from the steadily rising value of RBIS, the ArbiSmart native token.

When you register and deposit either fiat or cryptocurrency with the platform, your funds are automatically converted in to RBIS. Your job is now done, and the platform takes over, using your capital to trade crypto arbitrage on your behalf, around the clock. You can track the progress of your investment and either deposit or withdraw funds at any time in EUR, BTC, ETH, or USDT.  However, so long as your funds are being used for trading on the platform, you are earning capital gains on the growth of the RBIS token, which has been rising steadily in value consistently year on year. The coin is already worth 210% more than when it was introduced and by the end of 2021 it is projected to increase by a great deal more, based on the continued growth of the company. 

This Is Still Crypto. How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed? 

The dangers of crypto trading are not confined to unpredictable and dramatic price movements on the exchanges. The digital currency arena has virtually no regulatory oversight, since many governments have been slow to legislate and have not managed to keep pace with the rapid developments occurring in the crypto space. Market activity can be totally anonymous, transactions are irreversible, and protections are limited, creating an attractive environment for fraudsters and hackers. For this reason, you need to be fully prepared before you enter the crypto markets, taking every necessary precaution.

First and foremost, this involves only trading with a licensed platform that complies with the strict regulatory standards. To see why this is so incredibly critical, when it comes to protecting your capital, let’s go back to our ArbiSmart example. As an FIU licensed, EU regulated platform, ArbiSmart is obliged to separate client and company funds, maintain sufficient operational capital, retain client account insurance, and implement extremely tough data security protocols, as well as KYC/AML client verification procedures.  Adherence to these regulatory requirements guarantees a more secure, transparent and trustworthy home for your crypto.

There is more that you can do to safeguard your funds and it can be achieved with a short online search. Your best source of information about any digital currency trading platform is the crypto community. See what you can find, not just in industry publications but also across social media on platforms like Telegram, Twitter or Reddit. If a company has a habit of delaying or refusing to execute withdrawals, is completely unavailable when users try and contact support, or fails to meet its annual profit projections then users will be raising the red flag online and sharing their experiences. Another option is to check out consumer review sites like Trustpilot, to get an unbiased opinion of the company, you are considering investing with. Here for example, ArbiSmart has an excellent rating with positive feedback on the professional support across multiple channels, the prompt payments and steady profits.  

The crypto world is gaining greater legitimacy and wider adoption day by day, and it is offering some really exciting opportunities right now that it would be a shame to miss out on. However, you need to be savvy, minimizing your risk and maximizing your profit potential over the long term, making sure that once the alt season ends, your money is where it will continue to earn you a sizable profit. 

Want to learn more about crypto arbitrage, as a low-risk crypto trading option? Check out this link, What Is Arbitrage, for some useful information.  Alternatively, just go ahead and invest so you don’t lose out on the alts window of opportunity, before it closes. 

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