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  • Markets dumping across the board as predicted, US taxation rumors adds fuel to the fire
  • Did you buy the dips? Our 5 coin picks made +50-100% gains – SOL & WIN next?
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There are two types of traders during a market dump:

  1. Those who freak out and get wrecked.
  2. Those who play it to make massive gains left, right and centre. 

Which trader do you want to be?

If your trading account is bleeding out after the last market crash then listen up as we have a lifeline for you…

But first, some news:

What’s been happening to the crypto markets?

As anticipated in our earlier warnings over the week, crypto markets dumped across the board. Bitcoin started the downside earlier in the week, US Taxation rumors were definitely adding more fuel to the fire.

Most of the high-flying ALT coins are grounded and some of them are back to juicy levels. We’re looking to accumulate our favorite coins on the dips.

In our previous post, we shared our personal shopping list for this dump. DOGE / WRX / WIN / DENT / AUDIO as well as scores of our other recommendations earlier in the week performed and delivered 50-100% from the Lows of the current down move! 

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Bitcoin: What might happen next?

We expect a slowdown across the board if we dump below 41000 for Bitcoin.  If we hold the $45,000-$47,500 area as support for more than 6-8 days, then we expect a resumption of an uptrend once the local resistance breaks.

So repeating this, if Bitcoin’s price holds $45,000-$47,500 for more than a week and if local resistance breaks, we expect resumption of uptrend, and eventual retest of the $65,000 area and breakout above that with a potential to reach $78,000-$83,000 area as the first target!

What’s the best way to trade right now?

We’ll be focusing on swing plays over short-term scalping for the next 7-10 days. In this period there is a lot of money to be made on buying dips for strong trending coins. 

Our favorite swing play is SOL& WIN. We’ll be looking to buy big on the dips and hold for a few months! WIN could WIN big in the mid-term! 

However, as we all know, cryptocurrencies can lose a lot in the short term if the trend changes but can make a killing in the mid-term if you catch the right ones. So, we won’t go too big as these things can sometimes die for a while before they wake up and start bigger moves!

How to beat the market and avoid getting wrecked:

By tapping into expert knowledge and “wizard-like” insight. Simples!

But honestly, there’s just so much noise, hype and shilling coming from a lot of news and crypto influencers nowadays that getting a good pulse on the market by yourself is pretty damn difficult.

*(Sarcastic) Disclaimer: we are about to sell you on something that’s completely free and has proven to produce massive crypto gains time and time again*

And this is where our telegram channel comes in. We’ve kept it free for anyone to join, and we share our expert’s market updates and trading signals that frequently give these kinds of results:

But what does that have to do with staying profitable during a dump?

If you’d been in our telegram channel and followed our market updates before this dump hit, then you’d have successfully protected your capital and had a chance to make several +50% trades. Yep, trade calls that made +50-100% even though the market just dumped. 

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Trust us when we say what we say

We focus more on the macro market structure in order to play this game. We will stop, go slow or move fast depending on market conditions. If you want to stay in the game for long enough the first Mantra is “survival”

Let volatile periods pass and then start trading short-term, fast trades again. In the meantime let’s accumulate some fast movers on dips and make a killing!

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