You are currently viewing Telegram’s Latest Update Features New Payment System and Voice Chats 2.0

Telegram seems to have decided to try other options after abandoning plans to build its own cryptocurrency network last year following a drawn-out legal battle with the SEC.  

Per their latest press release, Telegram has introduced exciting features such as advanced voice chats, new web apps and the highly awaited Payments 2.0 upgrade.

Payments 2.0 is an improvement of the payment network the messaging platform had implemented in 2017 while creating their Telegram Open Network. The WhatsApp rival claims that their 2.0 system will allow users to make payments with their credit card within the app or on personal chats/groups. 

Telegram has assured users it doesn’t take any commission or store payment information, while the shipping details are only shared with the vendor. All payment info remains private between the user and the payment provider, so transactions made via the app are secure.

Telegram Voice Chats 2.0 

Besides the revamped payment feature, Telegram is also introducing a new voice chats feature that facilitates users to catch up with a few close friends or join huge broadcasts with millions of listeners.

Group admins can schedule voice chats for a particular time and date in Telegram channels and groups, giving community members enough time to “get the popcorn ready.” Users can view a colorful countdown on top of the chat or opt to receive a notification once the call goes live. 

The update also enables users to view/change their profile picture, update their bios, and even make payments without leaving the voice chat window.

The payments are facilitated by multiple third-party payment providers, including Stripe, LiqPay, ECOMMPAY, Yandex.Money, Payme, and CLICK. The payment service will be accessible in more than 200 countries via third-party apps, enabling vendors to natively accept credit card payments in chats. 

Using the apps, merchants can create bots that offer goods/services to buyers, who can add a tip whenever they purchase to show support for their favorite vendors. Any merchant can start using the Telegram Payments API without requiring additional approval from the popular messaging platform.

Telegram has also unveiled two new web apps, which are designed to be simplified versions of the website. The web versions – Web K and Web Z – have a host of exciting features such as animated stickers, chat folders, dark mode, and much more.

Android and iOS users can now pinch-to-zoom images directly from a chat and fast-forward/rewind videos with ease.

“With the new web versions you can get instant access to your chats on any device – desktop or mobile. Photos and videos can now be expanded directly from the chat — simply pinch to zoom in right away, without tapping to open the media viewer,” the messaging platform explained.