Crypto exchange Wisebitcoin has listed KSM on its trading platform as an aggregate trading pair with USDT. The token is native to Kusama, a scalable, multi-chain blockchain network. The fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange noted that KSM/USDT is an aggregated trading pair and that deposits and withdrawals will not be supported.

The listing showcases Wisebitcoin’s aggregate trading capabilities. This allows professional traders on the platform to buy or sell currencies in a system that automatically places the same order on other exchanges. It makes use of Wisebitcoin’s cloud integrations which connect the platform to 280 other exchanges around the world.

“We’re very proud of the capabilities of our cloud integrations and what they let us do for professional traders. Our community can expect to see more of these listings with aggregate trading in the near future, especially for emerging trading pairs such as KSM/USDT,” said Wisebitcoin Senior Advisor Andrew Chae.

Aggregate Trading is an effort to provide users with wider access to new and popular assets. At the same time, it assures them that the assets purchased through this process are all real assets in full reserves. The system implemented by Wisebitcoin uses a local and an external order matching mechanism with transaction speed and user experience that are similar to that of regular trading pairs.

About Wisebitcoin

Wisebitcoin is a decentralized global exchange for professional traders with a multicultural team of over 50 specialists. It’s part of a cloud ecosystem with $6 billion in daily trading volume and over 2.3 million transactions per second on single trading pairs. The platform provides unparalleled services such as 100x leverage on contract trading, 24/7 live phone support, cloud infrastructure, affiliate programs, and deep liquidity. Other important features include a user-friendly interface, a mobile app, and an insurance fund for asset protection.

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About Kusama

Kusama is an early, unaudited, and unrefined release of Polkadot. It will serve as a proving ground, allowing teams and developers to build and deploy a parachain or try out Polkadot’s governance, staking, nomination and validation functionality in a real environment. Kusama is designed to help understand how the various cutting edge technologies introduced in areas, including governance, staking, and sharding, work under “real” economic conditions.

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