Bingbon, established in 2018, is determined to become the world’s premier platform that combines trading with community, entertainment, and education. Bingbon has declared its intention “to protect the interests of users while creating a transparent trading environment so those users can enjoy the ultimate trading experience.” On a mission to better serve its users, Bingbon is working hard to become one of the most recognizable names in secure and easy-to-use trading platforms by offering users access to forex, commodities, and global indices, as well as features such as automatic copy trading and edutainment.

News recently shared on the exchange’s blog suggests these efforts are starting to bear fruit.

How Does Automatic Copy Trading Work?

Automatic copy trading allows you to link your account to a seasoned investor’s positions, so you can follow that investor’s choices in real time. Bingbon provides a list of traders you can choose to sync with based on their number of followers, location, and profit/three-week win rates.

As your chosen investor makes trades from his or her account, your account executes the same trades, allowing you to benefit from that trader’s years of expertise and knowledge. Another option is to study the moves of each trader without linking your account directly, so you can gain more knowledge about successfully participating in the market with less exposure to risk. 

Q2 Packed with Activities for Fun and Education

Bingbon has planned a Q2 full of engaging events and activities in order to keep its users educated as well as entertained. Not only can users learn from following more experienced traders, they can play educational games that will help them succeed in the cryptosphere as well as increase their general knowledge about an important and growing topic today: cryptocurrency.

During Q1, Bingbon unveiled Bingbon Crypto Unscrambled and Bingbon Crypto Simplified, gamified crypto lessons that help users better understand the crypto vocabulary necessary to engage and succeed with Bingbon’s services. If everything goes according to plan, users can expect even more entertaining learning opportunities this quarter. 

Bingbon Reaches Out to the Global Community

Bingbon, headquartered in Asia, has acted on its global aspirations by recently expanding its reach into Europe and the Americas. After integrating with the Canadian-based Banxa, Bingbon can now offer its users in the UK, Europe, and Australia a fiat to crypto onramp via Banxa’s trustworthy and regulations-compliant services.

In the Americas, Bingbon saw an over 50% increase in user activity from South America alone between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, and the platform intends to continue this expansion further. Bingbon has stated that they have “been actively seeking to establish new partnership agreements and will continue to do so over the next quarter,” and that they “expect to create new bases aimed at increasing market share and strengthening our brand globally.”

Bingbon Expands with a Growing Market

Besides providing a trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, Bingbon has raised its altcoin offerings from 14 to 29 USDT pairings since the beginning of April. The expansion of these offerings has been made to meet user demand and capitalize on what looks like a promising season for altcoins. Since increasing the number of pairings on offer, the company has seen a rise in daily trading volume. Following on this trend, Bingbon has stated that users should “expect to see more new coins being listed pretty soon.”

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