The ‘Stickers’ crypto art zone mixes yield farming with NFTs to collect and earn rewards.

Metaverse, the secure, powerful and accessible public blockchain for digital assets, announced today the introduction of Stickers, a native NFT project with built-in DeFi incentives. With Stickers, Metaverse aims to reward the protocol’s most active users and foster participation in the DeFi ecosystem.

The NFT market has experienced an explosive growth in 2021, having generated over $1.1 billion in cumulative sales in Q1 of 2021, and attracting new audiences into the crypto space, from the crypto curious, to digital creators and art collectors worldwide.

The experimentation around the non-fungible digital assets goes way beyond art, as their inherent tokens can be exchanged or sold on secondary markets, or even used as collateral for borrowing cryptocurrencies.

Eric Gu, CEO of Gene Finance and founder of Metaverse ETP, said,

“We see many opportunities to innovate with NFTs and incorporate them into the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. We’re excited to give NFT holders more chances to get rewarded for their participation in the community.”

As NFTs become an increasingly important tool in the blockchain industry, Stickers will become an important part of the Gene Finance DeFi ecosystem. is an ecosystem of cross-chain DeFi projects built on Metaverse ETP, a secure and accessible public blockchain for digital assets and digital identities.

Gamifying NFTs with Gene Finance DeFi
Stake to earn

Beyond the traditional marketplace for artists and collectors, Stickers will be introducing unique DeFi incentives, acceleration cards and advanced token economics for the corresponding Stickers Tokens (SKS).

  • Liquidity pools – SKS locked in the Genesis Pool will allow the community to earn Tinders daily. Tinders are reward tokens that can then be used to mint NFTs.
  • Hodl days – the longer you stake SKS, the more Tinders you earn. As an example, if a user staked the minimum of 40 SKS, they will receive 2.5 Tinders. Each day, the rewards increase by 20%, and after six days the return will be 100%, meaning 5 Tinders earned.

SKS holders staking on Genesis Pool will also have the opportunity to earn a wide variety of Stickers cards – common cards, relic cards, rare cards and legendary cards.

Earn to mint

Tinders are the only way to mint NFTs on the Stickers platform, and the faster you earn Tinders, the faster you will be able to mint NFTs. In order to earn Tinders, participants need to lock SKS tokens and SKS-ETP LP in dedicated liquidity pools. Tinders will be rewarded in proportion to the amount and time that tokens are locked for.

Collect and win

The last step for participants to maximize their yield is by collecting and combining accelerator cards. Just like Stickers NFTs, accelerator cards can be minted with Tinder. In order to mint the super rare accelerator cards, users combine cards for the level below.

Any accelerator card can also be traded on secondary markets like Open NFT. As higher-level accelerator cards will take more time to mint and their utility is greater, their value may be higher than other Sticker NFTs.

After a successful rollout of Stickers on Metaverse, the company unveiled plans to launch on Binance Smart Chain in the coming weeks.

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About Stickers

Stickers is an NFT platform powered by the Gene Finance ecosystem and a cross-chain Defi project. As NFTs become integral to the blockchain industry, Stickers will become an essential part of the Gene Finance ecosystem.

About Gene Finance

Gene Finance is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that is currently on the Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain, Metaverse ETP and Metaverse DNA. We intend to become a multi-chain DeFi hub that provides innovative ways to deploy your digital assets and optimize your digital asset portfolio.

We are collaborating closely with the Metaverse community as we believe their focus on digital assets, digital identities, and innovative smart contracts will be critical to the sustainable development of Gene Finance.

To start trading on Gene Finance, visit here.

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