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  • PARSIQ has announced a partnership with Clover that will enable the project to focus on free-flowing data between different blockchains.
  • Clover and its multi-chain connected wallet allows users to have a single wallet to connect to Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Edgeware blockchains.

There is an increased need for cross-chain systems as users utilize features and advantages offered in different blockchains. For traders looking to engage with DeFi, the demand is ever-growing. Clover has established itself as the main contender to dominate these developments with leading financial tools. It now aims to extend its reach after partnering with PARSIQ.

The DeFi space has attracted billions of dollars but its success has also been its own undoing. Especially with the major blockchains like Ethereum, keeping up with demand has been a struggle. With the new blockchains built with demand in mind, there’s a need to ensure stability and security. In there lies the gap and need to bring the two worlds together. This will give users the best chance at success.

PARSIQ and Clover share the same vision for the blockchain industry. Both are working towards a borderless space where users can freely switch between blockchains. Clover offers flexible features that facilitate its cross-chain system. The Polkadot-based open DeFi platform allows users quick access to peer to peer trading, with no sign ups or account creation needed. Users enjoy these unique features while utilizing a trustless, anonymous, fair, fast and cheap system. Now, the project is set to advance with the integration of PARSIQ technology.

PARSIQ agrees to back Clover

Clover facilitates Ethereum developers to migrate into Polkadot. This has been a growing trend with gas fees and scaling issues proving unsustainable on Ethereum. The PARSIQ technology will back Clover by offering a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications. In addition, it will help monitor, and automate the platform.

According to the announcement, in addition to applying its technology, PARSIQ has agreed to back Clover financially. This has further cemented their partnerships and reassured their commitment to the project and its success.

PARSIQ CEO Tom Tirman says,

The Ethereum Network was brilliant when released, but the scale it has grown to now has become a real issue for usage. Fees for using the network created barriers and solutions must be found, as the crypto space as a whole continues to grow. Clover offers a unique solution, paving the way for the next generation of solutions focusing on delivering a financial tool for the masses.

The new partnership is ideal for both projects and is set to attract more users to the Clover project as it continues to set the standard for other projects.

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