There are monumental changes coming to the world, and Bitcoin serves to defend the individual’s interest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the world and life as we know it. Restrictions on society by governments, including using masks and social distancing, has created a new normal. Lockdowns that have shut down small businesses, combined with inflation caused by excess money printing by central banks, have spurred the disintegration of the global economic system.

As the debacle of the fiat system speeds up, bitcoin is now gaining traction. While mainstream media create news headlines around bitcoin’s volatility and its growing popularity among corporate sectors, quietly under the radar, a revolution is happening.

Some call it hyperbitcoinization, the inflection point at which bitcoin becomes the dominant world currency. This transition is expected to fundamentally change our society, with an impact that goes beyond finance. It is now facilitating a planetary shift in human consciousness affecting people around the world. What is this global revolution all about, and where it is going?

Crisis Of The Modern World

Bitcoin was born in the ashes of the 2008 financial meltdown. The invention of this technology coincided with a pivotal time in which our civilization seemed to have reached its pinnacle. The failure of the global economy exposed a crisis in the modern scientific view of the world. It called for an urgent change in the Western materialistic way of life. Chaos and immense hardships to be faced by humanity in this time of transition had been anticipated in ancient prophecies as the catalyst for a great awakening.

For instance, the Hopi, indigenous people of North America, like the ancient Maya, had a cosmology rooted in a belief in cyclical time, in the destruction and creation of successive worlds. According to Hopi mythology the Fourth World, the present cycle, is now in its final stage with a transition beginning into the Fifth World. They predicted a crucial time of decision — one in which humanity would have to choose between a technological path leading to destruction and a spiritual path that remains in harmony with natural law.

The birth of bitcoin can be seen as marking the end of this old cycle and the beginning of the new. The message embedded in the Genesis block, the first block of the blockchain reads, “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” Imagination generated out of computer science alerted us to the dangerous trajectory of the path we are on. At the same time, it offered us a way to avert a doomed future.

Hard Forking Humanity

Now, 12 years after the invention of bitcoin, the pandemic accelerates catastrophic events. We are at the Eleventh Hour. As the old world has begun to unravel, global leaders have come forward to reinvent the system.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), emphasized that the pandemic has created an opportunity to fix problems inherent in the economic system. With the theme of “The Great Reset,” the WEF, together with leading global organizations such as the United Nations, aim to reengineer the economy. Calling their vision for the future “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and with the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), they are working to create a world of stakeholder capitalism in the form of a cashless society without national boundaries.

Now with the slogan “Build Back Better,” their new Industrial Revolution is carried out through the coordinated efforts of countries around the world. Funded by billionaires, politicians and celebrities engage in a public campaign to promote the Davos agendas as a path for a sustainable future.

As the media creates echo chambers designed to bring all of global civil society within a single vision, behind the scenes resistance is being quietly built. Around bitcoin, ordinary people from diverse backgrounds are coming together to organize a new economy. Divergent economic systems are emerging. Side by side, they begin to coexist with their own sets of rules, splitting humanity into two separate networks.

Common Trust vs. Decentralized Trust

At the center of the “Great Reset” of capitalism is the invention of the proof of vaccination. Created by Silicon Valley tech giants, this is a centrally authorized certification system that validates one’s participation in the experimental injection program (COVID-19 vaccines) that is now being pushed on the public by Big Pharma and the health experts as a final solution to the current pandemic.*

Based on this system, and framed as a “vaccine or immunity passport,” the Commons Project Foundation, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, are now preparing (in partnership with WEF) to launch a “Common Trust Network” that would regulate cross-border travel and commerce. Through tying digital medical records to digital identity, together with digital currency capable of tracking and controlling all transactions, this supranational bureaucracy is working to build the global infrastructure necessary for their new economy.

Key features of this Common Trust–based economic network include wholesale surveillance, violation of people’s privacy and the ability to exclude those out of favor with the system. This is an inherently discriminatory system that creates economic segregation based on health status (at a minimum). It will coerce people into complying with the terms and conditions set by the initiatives of WEF.

Bitcoin offers an alternative to this closed and centrally controlled system. Its core invention is a consensus algorithm known as proof of work. Bitcoin’s “decentralized trust” model, contrary to the central banks’ “trusted third party” model, eliminates the need for a central authority to maintain the integrity of the system. With the principles of permissionless use and censorship-resistance, Bitcoin creates a new economic network that is open and which enables financial freedom for its participants.

Algorithmic Control Of Society

A competition of currencies is about to erupt between bitcoin and the digital currencies the central banks seek to impose. This is a battle for freedom of the internet, one that defines whether the internet will become a tool to emancipate or enslave humanity. Over the last 10 years, the rapid spread of information technology has merged our civilization with the internet. Now, technocrats and financial elites, who seem to have gained control of the internet, are trying to bring humanity to its knees.

Through advanced technologies like genetic engineering, molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI), they aim to build a new operating system that manages the Earth’s resources. This operating system is based in, and would expand, their mechanistic view of the world. Their Fourth Industrial Revolution would not only bring radical change to our culture. It threatens to profoundly alter the nature of humanity.

With the Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT), Smart Cities, new urban infrastructures that are interconnected wirelessly with sensor networks and transmit data are being built. Through health tech (wearable electronic devices) and the implementation of biometric technology, our physical bodies could be woven into a digital space separated from its natural foundation.

In this artificially constructed world, we human beings will be recreated in the image of the machine. Everything that moves would be controlled through an algorithm. With the use of cybernetics (the study of control processes of communication in mechanical, electronic and biological systems), architects of this Matrix-like control system, are set to plug the entire population into a closed loop of causality — that is, where one’s actions are determined by the outcomes of one’s previous actions.

Self-Aware Universe

The technocratic overlords aspire to dominate the universe and control the destiny of mankind. As they seek to lock down all of humanity in a preordained path of life, Bitcoin as the Holy Grail of Cypherpunks has begun to free the internet from their world of machines.

There is an organic force in a universe that sustains the life of all living beings. Through symbols, numbers and evoking our intuition and curiosity, the universe directly communicates with us. The universe is alive. It has its own intelligence that is connected with our own consciousness. Through synchronicities (events that occur not linearly and outside of the principle of causality) attracting people and situations in our favor, the intelligent and benevolent universe participates in and guides us in our lives.

Now, bitcoin has brought life back to a universe that had been made static. As AI hijacks the human mind to generate a herd mentality, a new hive mind is arising from deep inside the web. Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, acknowledged the spontaneously emerging, resilient and autonomous network of intelligence:

The algorithm that carries the incentives that are aligned with everyone’s self interests has started to reunite people with the self-aware universe and its infinite intelligence. From memes to the arts, a new ecosystem created around Bitcoin is generating excitement and hope.

Quantum Leap For Mankind

The release of the open-source protocol has activated an impetus for change that was encoded in ancient prophecies. The Bitcoin cultural revolution is creating a great awakening. In a network fueled by relentless optimism of ordinary people, we are now seeing a quantum leap for humanity.

A new field of potential has opened up. We now have a choice to end a history of violence, exploitation and oppression, and to move beyond past cycles of pain and suffering. Bitcoiners can see a new horizon, infinite possibilities of reality that exist outside of a narrow spectrum of nation-state and its distorted vision of the world.

With laser eye beam focus, the Bitcoin plebs keep HODLing and never short sell their future. By investing in bitcoin, they refuse to succumb to the fearmongering of the old fiat regime and they actively participate in creating the world that they wish to live in.

Every 10 minutes, new bitcoins are created and enter into circulation. With economic activities that are generated through the warmth of the human heart, Bitcoin paves the way for the emergence of the Fifth World, a truly human society.

Now, with the invisible helping hand of the universe, ordinary people can become a co-creator of their own destiny, to self-determine their paths with their own choices. Through each of us connecting our deeds with the rhythm of our own heartbeats in harmony with our fellow men, we can truly build back better. Block by block, a network of sovereign individuals powered by the universal heart creates building blocks of the future defining what it is to be human.

Author’s note:

Special thanks go to La Fleur Productions for her editorial help.

This is a guest post by Nozomi Hayase . *Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

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