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Happy Friday, Blockfolians

The Lede

What a week it’s been. We started off with Elon battles on Twitter, headed into some good old fashioned China FUD and then crashed straight down a mount on the back of liquidations.

On Thursday we started to regain ground that we lost (Bitcoin was even in the green there for a while), but on Friday morning we got yet MORE China FUD that led the markets to dip again. Bitcoin Magazine sums up our feelings on this pretty well:

There is definitely a shifting conversation around China. Many are pointing out that China banning mining would be a lot better from an environmental/political perspective.

There’s also a recognition that it really can’t be a Bitcoin bull cycle without at least one big China FUD.

So maybe for now let’s just go have a weekend, shall we?

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Community Commentary

The pros have been accumulating
Confirming institutional buying post dip

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the size of crypto transactions to businesses over which the IRS wants info now

Final Thought

It really do be like that tho