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Tesla’s electric vehicle competitor Fisker Automotive has no plans to interact with bitcoin, said the company’s CEO, Henrik Fisker. During a recent interview, the executive also touched upon the growing environmental concerns and called BTC “not a sustainable solution.”

Fisker Won’t Get Involved With Bitcoin

Although Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, caused massive turbulence in the markets most recently, the electric vehicle maker is actually one of the largest BTC holders. Earlier this year, the firm filed a document with the SEC showing it had purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in January.

Since then, Tesla has made the news with each BTC interaction, which raised questions among other companies if they will look into following the example. One of the largest Tesla competitors, Fisker Automotive, however, has no such plans.

The co-founder and CEO, Henrik Fisker, recently refuted any assumptions that his firm could buy or enable bitcoin payments. Furthermore, he didn’t seem concerned with any changes in terms of the most utilized global currency.

“I don’t think anybody can foresee what the currency is going to be in five years. At this point, I’m not really bothered by what the currency is.”

Henrik Fisker and a Fisker Car. Source: CarAndDriver

Energy Consumption Is an Issue

Interestingly, Fisker actually joined Tesla in the reasoning why they plan to steer clear from bitcoin. As it became painfully known by now, Musk’s company said it will cease receiving BTC transfers for its products due to “environmental issues.”

Later on, the billionaire argued that most of the bitcoin mining comes from fossil fuels, which has been debunked numerous times in the past.

Nevertheless, Fisker’s executive said, “I just don’t think it’s a sustainable solution. It’s not environmental-friendly, and we would not do that.”

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