• A Maltese real estate firm has revealed that it will start accepting rental payments in Cardano, the first non-digital firm to do so in Malta.
  • Elsewhere, Charles Hoskinson has created an educational video seeking to enlighten Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on why Proof of Stake is the future.

Cryptocurrencies hitting new all-time high prices is always great for the market. However, it’s just as important for cryptocurrencies to have real-world adoption. After all, when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he described it as electronic peer-to-peer cash. In the latest adoption case, a Maltese company has revealed that it will be accepting Cardano (ADA) for rent payments.

Dreamflats Limited announced on Friday:

It is hereby announced that Dreamflats LTD will accept rental contracts in the CryptoCurrency “Cardano (ADA)” henceforth referred to as ADA. Rental price in ADA will be set upon completion of apartments, and price may vary due to price fluctuations.

The company clarified that despite receiving the payments in ADA, it will still disclose all revenue to the Maltese authorities and pay all applicable taxes. However, since the Maltese government doesn’t accept crypto payments, Dreamflats will make the tax payments in the euro.

The announcement is very significant, not just for Cardano but for the entire crypto space. Cryptos are accepted by several businesses globally for payments. However, most of these businesses are digital and are already primed to accept crypto payments. In addition, most of their clients are tech-savvy and are already very knowledgeable on crypto.

Dreamflats is however a traditional non-digital business – the first such business to accept ADA payments in Malta.

Charles Hoskinson educates Jack Dorsey on PoS vs. PoW

Elsewhere, Charles Hoskinson has continued his journey to educate the world on aspects of digital currencies that many either don’t know or tend to misunderstand. In his latest video, he targeted Jack Dorsey, the Twitter and Square founder and CEO, and a Bitcoin fan.

Dorsey recently doubled down on his support of Bitcoin and the proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism on Twitter. He claimed that PoW is less secure and more centralized.

Hoskinson was at hand to quickly correct the Twitter founder.

The Cardano – and former Ethereum – founder then went on YouTube and in a 46-minute video, broke down both PoW and PoS, what sets them apart and why PoS is the future.


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