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ABEYCHAIN 2.0 brings new technology that’s set to shake up the blockchain business. The service has over 150,000 unique users. Following the public presentation at the AIBC 2021 Summit in Dubai, experts are excited about the possibilities and potential of this platform.


ABEYCHAIN2.0 brings a level of fairness and integrity similar to an ideological election in which everyone has a say. With most PoS blockchain models, the largest stakeholder ends up with a larger profit margin because they can keep more of the mined tokens to increase production ability. A larger stakeholder can therefore grow their token stake faster than a smaller stakeholder. In most cases, the larger stakeholders can control the flow of information and who can use the service. ABEY Storage puts the control of data firmly back in the hands of the user with a decentralized open-source data storage platform. The nodes that decide issues are voted on by others. As a result, the deciding nodes selected by user votes on the ABEY Network guarantees fairness in a way that can push blockchain forward.


The last two years have seen the creation of 90% of all the world’s data. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced by humans every day. The need for reliable storage is growing at an astonishing rate. The ABEY Storage Network is a decentralized file storage and distribution network that provides intelligent data storage to a worldwide customer base. The ABEY Storage Network is spread out into different servers around the world in different nodes with data encryption. This is a significant upgrade from large data providers which are susceptible to hacks or lags that lead to interruptions and critical infrastructure failures.


The ABEY ecosystem, including the ABEY Token, is available right now. ABEY Token trading is on or For more information on the ABEY blockchain, visit, where you can find the initial scientific whitepaper, download links for the wallet, and other information.


The ABEY Foundation contributes governance, and research, for the ABEYCHAIN, while maintaining the integrity of the core technology. The Foundation provides guidance, and direction for the ABEY Community and Ecosystems, and has a strong commitment to protect the immutable freedom of all ABEY users now, and for future generations.