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BigWin is an open-source no-loss lottery playground combining DeFi and NFT, which announced its brand iteration days earlier.

BigWin is trying to be a user-friendly and interesting lottery playground, the whale ocean park, the NFTs, and future functions created by the community, mainly for solving the problem of low user acceptance in DeFi, trying to give everyone a fair shot in this open, permissionless way of finance.

“We would like to bring more people into the DeFi world with the help of a DeFi enthusiast community, conveying the DeFi spirit of open-source, transparency, and openness to a larger group of people.” According to the BigWin Team.

Deep Learning Solution for DeFi beginners

More people come into the no-loss lottery playground to play and learn. After having the basic knowledge, they will explore more in the DeFi world with the help of the community. The community is also going to create more ways to play because of the composability of DeFi. The power of community is always larger than we think.

BigWin is committed to be user-friendly. It is easy to operate with the help of BigWin tutorials. Deployed on BSC, the gas fees are much lower. This makes it ideal for beginners to enter the world of DeFi. Moreover, once there are some problems, the BigWin team and the DeFi enthusiasts are here solving them.

BigWin is also practicing DeFi’ s openness and fairness. For now, they launched the Cake Limited Prize Pool, and the investment amount is limited to 100 tickets, which is fair for small asset holders. BigWin is also planning to bring in NFTs. NFTs present different lottery strategies. It has strong descriptive ability, and is suitable for complex and changeable financial contracts and lottery strategies decided by participation time, proportion of the amount in the pool when joining, and the holding amount of BWIN or others. No-loss lottery combined with NFT will be a better tool to lead beginners into the DeFi world.

The User-Driven Community is in process. On Discord, BigWin had two rounds of mascot polling. Luckily, I had the chance to participate in the vote and chose my favorite whale. Participation is the best way to understand more things. All the developments are decided by the community, there will be more ways to study and share with the community getting stronger.

DeFi has the potential to create a new era. For the first time in human history, something can connect people to complex financial facilities and capital.

“The world will either move toward unity and widely shared prosperity or it will move apart. We have a chance to use our influence in favor of a more united and cooperating world.” Franklin D. Roosevelt said many years ago, who was essential in the process of creating the IMF and the World Bank.

And this is what BigWin is trying to achieve.

For more information and where to begin:

BigWin Airdrop: By voting for the next pool we build, you can get our free airdrop up to 300 BigWin. You can also get the prize pool you want for investing with your holding tokens and get the big prize.

BigWin USDT x 100 Boost Prize Pool for beginners : Deposit 2 USDTs in the 100 Boost Prize Pool to get the chance to win 200 USDTs.

The activities are online on July 8th. Stay tuned for our 100,000 BWINs Airdrop and 100 Boost Prize Pool for you!

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