Australian NFT marketplace NFT STARS recently announced the auction of the well-known NFT artwork “CryptoMother” signed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. The auction is timed to coincide with the much-anticipated London hard fork launch on August 4th.

Although the only NFT to be signed by Vitalik Buterin, the NFT “CryptoMother” will also be sold alongside other art works in the “Art of Blockchain” collection on sale at the NFT marketplace. The artwork takes the form of both a physical painting and a unique digital NFT.

First presented to the world in 2017, “CryptoMother” has since gone on to capture the interest of the art world, and become one of the most famous examples of how blockchain technology and art can create truly unique pieces. The artwork has been displayed at a number of events, most famously at the Blockchain Conference of 2018 where Vitalik Buterin liked the art piece so much he agreed to sign it. 

With Ethereum’s London hard fork on the horizon, the launch of Ethereum-run NFT’s coincide with the network’s historical turning point, and as such a unique artwork signed by the founder of Ethereum is particularly fitting for the occasion. 

NFT STARS takes a new approach to NFT Marketplaces, selecting their artists based on their merit and providing them with Gas-free NFT minting. The platform also provides artists with the opportunity to host their exhibitions in a personalized gallery, as well as providing the option for collective NFT ownership.

The final auction price of “CryptoMother” is expected to be in the millions, with the current owner of the artwork having already been offered the tidy sum of $6 million. The current starting bid will start low at 400 ETH. 

It should be noted that a number of charities will receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale, including The WWF (World Wildlife Fund), The Givewell charity, The Methuselah Foundation, and The Gitcoin Foundation.

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