Panther Protocol, a decentralized, privacy-focused meta-protocol supporting confidential, trusted transfers, as well as interoperability with decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, has partnered with Sentinel, a robust protocol that supports the implementation of third-party and white-label decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) services.

These dVPN services are interoperable with DeFi and Sentinel, which is a blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT)-powered decentralized bandwidth marketplace. 

Sentinel allows users to establish a Virtual Private Network or VPN while being able to access distributed bandwidth resources. In this type of architecture and model, users serve as providers and consumers on the network. Users’ web or online traffic should be end-to-end encrypted with no entity being able to access users’ metadata.

The Panther wallet will be integrated with the Sentinel DVPN token in order to offer users a  high level of end-to-end privacy. Clients may distribute private blockchain or DLT-powered services developed with Panther technologies by offering technical assistance in the integration and maintenance of the platforms. 

Addressing Security Vulnerabilities of Centralized VPNs

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) developer and Panther’s Co-founder, Oliver Gale noted that they know the Internet collects information each time an entity engages in online interactions. Consumers have been sold a “false promise” with Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, Gale claims, while adding that “in reality, security cannot be guaranteed with vulnerable centralized VPNs.” 

Gale also mentioned that a single VPN company may be compromised at any given time – which is potentially a serious issue that Sentinel aims to address via decentralized VPNs or dVPNs.

Srinivas Baride, Chief Technical Officer at Exidio, a development unit that creates tooling on the Sentinel network, stated:

“We address the issue of censorship resistance dVPNs and are delighted to combine with Panther to provide privacy for assets moving on these ecosystems. We look forward to being able to distribute private solutions built using Panther Technology to our enterprise clients and customers.”

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