The growing popularity of the blockchain has made it a multi-billion dollar industry and is quickly becoming embraced by giant corporations. As a result, multiple crypto platforms have recently emerged, offering various services to users and crypto enthusiasts.

Since DeFi, NTFs and game-fi are becoming the next biggest thing in the space. The play-to-earn games bring the greatest potential for the masses, this new era incorporates all the major elements of crypto and UniX Gaming is leading its revolution.

One of the leading and rewarding crypto services is the crypto gaming community. Crypto gaming has proven to be the next big thing within the crypto space as it has attracted millions of users, becoming one of the biggest revenue generators within the ecosystem, with an additional 2.8 billion players worldwide expected to enter play-to-earn games UniX.

Big names like Axie Infinity have emerged as the forerunner of the play-to-earn gaming model, accounting for the popularity of NFT gaming. This has led to new crypto gaming projects with the potential to transform the space. One of these projects is UniX.

What is UniX?

UniX Gaming is one of the earliest adopters in the play-to-earn era and has already grown the largest play-to-earn community, with a platform that offers both users and investors a golden chance to earn from the ongoing gaming revolution. Gamers and investors alike can now profit from gaming by cashing in on the new play-to-earn gaming model.

This thrilling new platform offers gamers ownership over in-game assets and allows them to increase their value, earning more by actively playing the game. However, unlike where gamers play for fun, UniX has a system of rewarding committed users of its platform. The developers have put in place rewards for players who put in time and effort into their game.

What to Gain From the PlatformUniX Gaming is one of the earliest adopters in the play-to-earn era and has already grown the largest play-to-earn community

One of the perks of UniX gaming is the large community of like-minded gamers who are ready to create opportunities for people by taking advantage of the booming play to earn revolution.

Also, there is the opportunity to learn as you earn. For example, UniX offers free gaming, blockchain and entrepreneurial education to help create opportunities for people in developing countries. This is a form of charity and empowerment for its members.

Users will be educated about non-fungible tokens and their relationship with Blockchain.

UniX Gaming provides free education not only to community members, but also to other newcomers in the crypto space through play-to-earn. UniX can teach users the most up-to-date material on play-to-earn, the finest gaming techniques for increasing revenue, as well as English and other digital skills.

Recently, a partnership was announced between UniX and Ekta to offer blockchain scholarships. UniX wants to see more people enrolled in crypto-based gaming, which has seen a massive increase in subscriptions in recent months. The team at UniX believes that educating more people about crypto gaming and blockchain will increase video games’ popularity and help more people earn, especially during this period of economic breakdown.

The UniX Gaming scholarship program offers everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the play-to-earn metaverse. Players from developing countries who are unable to finance their upgrades to a higher level are admitted into the scholar program and are supported and encouraged by UniX gaming.

UniX is also forming some of the most competitive play-to-earn esports teams in the crypto world, in order to compete with the industry’s most established gaming platforms. A never-ending list of scheduled collaborations and events is currently in the preliminary stages.

Join the UniX Crusade in the Metaverse

There are already 130,000 subscribers on the platform, with over 580 awards totaling over 10,000 hours of education. UniX intends to grant 10,000 scholarships by the end of 2021, generating a total of $70 million per year from the scholarships alone. The Unix game “Unity” is still in its early stages, but it will undoubtedly have a strong start thanks to Unix’s expanding community of 130,000 players.

Also, UniX generates over $580,000 in profit every month. Token Private sales are ongoing, with the launch date yet to be announced. Game enthusiasts who would love to collaborate, invest or get involved with the UniX Gaming project can send an email to the team at

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