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Today, the auction of ScarPunk NFTs began on Sparda Wallet, the marketplace and service provider for non-fungible tokens created on Zilliqa’s blockchain.

“Auction started. ScarPunk are live now SpardaWallet on the Zilliqa blockchain”.

ScarPunk joins a number of auctions already currently running on Sparda Wallet which, to support some NFT artists has also issued its own native ZRC-based standard token, the SPW Token.

Sparda Wallet supports all artists who want to create their NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Sparda Wallet for NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain

The goal of Sparda Wallet is to support all artists who want to create their NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain.

To do so, the platform connects with ZilPay and adds NFTs via smart contracts. 

And, on the application, all NFTs are automatically catalogued by title, image/gif, description and displayed in the gallery as NFTs. According to the site, currently, the ongoing improvements on Sparda Wallet are:

“We have a lot of plans to improve our application as well, such as

  • Likes” and leaderboards.
  • Verified Artists
  • Ability to support a verified Artist’s NFTs by “Liking” said NFT with a $SPW Token”.

All Zilliqa-based NFTs using the ZRC standard for NFTs will be able to be displayed in Sparda Wallet.

SPW: the token that incentivizes ZIL NFT artists

As anticipated, Sparda Wallet has issued its own token on the Zilliqa blockchain, the SPW Token, specifically to incentivize NFT artists on the platform. 

Each time users proceed to put a “like” on their favourite NFT, they use SPW tokens. The platform proceeds to return part of the proceeds to the original and verified artist.

In this regard, Sparda Wallet had this to say:

“We hope this incentives users to share their cool nfts and try to rack up likes to drive value to their NFT whilst simultaneously supporting the artist(s)”.

Zilliqa: continuing the evolution of the ZIL NFT ecosystem

Sparda Wallet is a dedicated platform for ZIL NFTs, but it is not the only one. Zilliqa’s blockchain has already been used for launching NFTs over the past year.

In July 2020, for example, Mintable had launched a new marketplace for products based on both Ethereum and Zilliqa.

ZIL NFTs also continue to increase in number and quality. In addition to the ScarPunk collection being auctioned off from today, another interesting project last May 2021, was the collection of 10 NFT world star footballers, which succeeded thanks to the collaboration between Zilliqa and Polaris. 

Polaris is the company that manages the rights of some of the world’s most important footballers (such as Cristiano Ronaldo) and has made official its launch of 10 NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain.

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