In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is important for any crypto exchange to offer plenty of different options when it comes to making money. This is precisely why Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced the launch of a new yield farming hub, available to all of its users from January 10, 2022, at 10:00 UTC.

The main reason and context behind this new initiative has to do with the fact that staking and yield farming have become immensely popular methods through which investors can earn additional income. Bitrue therefore wants to cater to the real needs of its clientele in a safe manner and also keep up with all of the latest updates and changes regarding this industry – which it will accomplish through the formation of key partnerships in the future as well as the mitigation of risks such as impermanent loss.

What will the new hub do?

The new hub enables the users to mine for tokens in a manner comparable to decentralized finance (DeFi) pools, which were quite popular last year. At launch, more than 20 pools with annual percentage yields (APRs) of 150% or higher were made accessible, with consumers being able to choose from a variety of staking intervals. Bitrue Coin BTR, Bitrue’s native platform currency, will be powering these pools. To start farming, either BTR or perhaps the token for which the user chooses to mine will be made stakeable. Additionally, ever since its inception in July 2018, BTR has increased by over 300% to date.

Furthermore, Bitrue has had plenty of experience regarding developing cutting-edge investing solutions, with Power Piggy acting as the initial cryptocurrency-based investment service released across the globe in early 2018. This new hub will include Power Piggy, vote staking and BTR lockups, along with a wide variety of other businesses that leverage BTR to produce profits for their respective consumers.

Essentially, the initiative allows its consumers the choice to pick an investing plan that would be best-suited for them by providing such a diverse range of investment alternatives with varied lockup periods, yields and formats. In the words of Bitrue’s chief marketing officer Adam O’Neil, it establishes BTR as the world’s inaugural yield token, which is a token dedicated solely to increasing the return on crypto-oriented investments. The new yield farming hub is also only accessible here, and it is just one of many upcoming initiatives by Bitrue that customers can look forward to.

Bitrue’s vision

Bitrue, which debuted in July 2018, is a diverse crypto exchange that supports trading, lending and investments. It intends to use blockchain technology to provide financial possibilities to everyone, irrespective of geography or financial situation. The exchange has offices all over the world and is constantly developing new features to effectively support the new era of the digitized modern economy. In essence, the BTR token possesses the “explicit utility regarding the maximization of returns on investments.”

What’s more is that the months-long resistance for BTR also appears to have been broken, as the token just crossed the $0.40 mark. Price discovery is incoming along with the highest weekly close during this weekend. For additional information, both the official website as well as the exchange’s Twitter can be checked on for regular updates.

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