Tigers are the largest living member of the cat species and play an essential role in ensuring a balance in the complex and biodiverse ecosystems throughout Asia. Tigers exert direct influence in the diverse range of habitats where they live, including grasslands, rainforests, savannas, and mangrove swamps. The big cat also has interesting strengths, including an innate ability to swim over long distances, along with its admirable endurance. However, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) includes the tiger on its IUCN Red List, confirming them as an endangered species.

There are several reasons why the tiger is now in danger of extinction. Demand for tiger parts is unmistakably detrimental to its population. Some cultures consider these parts potent for curing several ailments, including typhoid fever, rheumatism, dysentery, and convulsion. As a result, poachers target tigers and sell body parts for attractive prices.  Secondly, theft and exploitation of tiger cubs by poachers and illegal breeders perpetuate the international emergency. Lastly, many private and public zoos worldwide still keep these beautiful animals behind bars, in small iron cages, or on concrete slabs where they often languish, become seriously ill, and ultimately fail to thrive.

Why Is Tiger Conservation Important?The presence of tigers in the world’s habitats is crucial. Although many people see tigers only for their size and aggressiveness, there are several reasons tiger conservation efforts are needed to reverse their endangered status.

  • Tigers bring balance and harmony to the global ecosystem. Their position at the top of the food chain ensures that the population of their prey does not irrationally explode. By keeping this population in check and limiting overgrazing, tigers balance vegetation and herbivores. Where there are tigers, nature thrives.
  • Tiger reserves are excellent sources of water that affect people in applicable countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.
  • Other animals also thrive remarkably in their landscapes. For instance, elephant populations usually flourish around tigers. This fact means that tiger conservation indirectly helps elephants as well.


  • Tiger conservation also helps impoverished communities of people who live in or around tiger landscapes. All efforts geared towards ensuring the survival of tigers allow these communities and their populations to have a much better chance at flourishing. Affected areas may also benefit from grazing, wood from trees in the landscape, and tourism opportunities.


  • The forest habitats where tigers live are crucial to the planet’s overall health. They help mitigate extreme weather conditions, and their presence contributes directly to the overall sustainability of the environment. Protecting and even expanding these critical areas will benefit all earth populations, and indirectly the communities in the area will experience fewer floods and extreme weather damage.

How is Tiger King Coin Leading Change?

Tiger King Coin is a first-of-its-kind Ethereum-based token that serves and promotes a community of people who prioritize the preservation and well-being of tigers. Using its native $TKING token, the backbone of the ecosystem, the project is firmly committed to contributing and bringing awareness to tiger conservation and expanding the general public’s knowledge of their endangered status.

The Tiger King community also wants to change the narrative surrounding these big cats. At the moment, most of the information about tigers is grossly inadequate. Most people do not know how much attention and support conservation efforts require because there aren’t enough efforts to promote or properly educate the public about the cause. Furthermore, the team behind $TKING wants to ensure that the public receives more than the biased political information readily available about tigers and tiger conservation. Telling the whole story about how we can positively affect Tiger populations is critical to positive change.

In 2022, the Tiger King team has many charity initiatives planned to expand into large markets by growing the value of their brand, the token, and their community, known by the hashtag #TigerForces. Throughout the year, it intends to raise funding for its tiger conservation efforts and donate to similar charity organizations, such as St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where the #TigerForces community recently donated 500 tiger plushies to children undergoing treatment. By the end of 2022, $TKING wants the public to be keenly aware of the plight of tigers and how endangered the animals truly are. Furthermore, the Tiger King team hopes that the public knowledge about the apex predator will drive more people to rise to conservation efforts through funding and political pressure for favorable laws.

The primary mission for TKING is to become a project and platform that actively supports noble causes around the wellbeing of tigers. The reasons for this are listed above. If you agree and would like to join the movement, you can support their efforts by following them on Twitter and Instagram and joining their Telegram group. By doing so, you’ll be able to find out all the exciting things that are coming before anyone else!

Together we are TKING

Together we are #TIGERFORCES

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