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eToro, the popular trading platform, yesterday announced the launch of MetaverseLife, the section dedicated to metaverse investors. The new smart portfolios include equities and crypto-assets. 

eToro’s new MetaverseLife for Metaverse Investors

As interest in the metaverse continues to grow, eToro has come up with its own solution for investors, offering a diverse range of investments made for long-term exposure. 

Thus MetaverseLife was born with its smart portfolios. According to eToro, the smart portfolio is a fully allocated portfolio of thematic investments focused on companies and projects (represented through crypto assets) related to the metaverse. It includes game designers, social platforms, 3D software developers, hardware companies and cryptocurrencies related to the metaverse.

At the time of writing, MetaverseLife involves 28 markets led by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), followed by Roblox and the blockchain metaverse of Decentraland, The Sandbox and Enjin. 

Other tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Nvidia are included in the smart portfolio, as companies that have contributed to the adoption and development of the metaverse. 

eToro and the listing of The Sandbox

In the last days of 2021, eToro had announced the listing of The Sandbox (SAND) and CELO, so as to show its interest in the world of NFTs and metaverse. With these two new cryptocurrencies, the trading and brokerage platform supports a total of 42 crypto-assets.

At the time of writing, The Sandbox is 37th crypto out of the total, by market capitalization, while it ranks third in the metaverse category. This popularity of The Sandbox also comes after last February 2021, prior to the million-dollar sale of Beeple’s NFT, Sandbox had sold over $2.8 million worth of Land in its metaverse in one month.

Not only that, in September, The Sandbox decided to purchase a Bored Apes for the modest sum of almost $3 million, or 740 ETH. This is NFT number 3749, the Bored Apes called “The Captain” with laser eyes.

eToro Metaverselife
EToro also enters the metaverse in its own way


Metaverse: an $800 billion market

According to the analysis of Matthew Kanterman, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Industry Analyst and Nathan Naidu, Bloomberg Intelligence Industry Analyst, the metaverse is the new market opportunity that could be worth $800 billion. 

Specifically, the metaverse has been defined as the next big technology platform attracting online game producers, social networks and other technology leaders. Not only that, the metaverse is also an opportunity for leading online entertainment and social media companies to capitalize on new revenue streams.

In terms of numbers, the analysis states the following:

“The Metaverse market may reach $783.3 billion in 2024 vs. $478.7 billion in 2020 representing a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%. The total Metaverse market size may reach 2.7x that of just gaming software, services and advertising revenue”.

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