Mati Greenspan is frequently mentioned in top-tier financial media, as a prominent investment specialist with macroeconomic analysis, portfolio diversification, and crypto in his focus.

The founder and CEO of Quantum Economics revealed what’s on the horizon for his company that provides analysis, advisory, and money management services in the field of crypto and traditional markets, and shared his perspective on how mass adoption could affect Bitcoin’s  ‘uncorrelated asset’ status.

Bitcoin price and Fed printing money

Back in July, when Bitcoin was testing a major downtrend, two institutional clients asked for S2F opinion–a poor strategy, according to Greenspan.

Often used as a Bitcoin price prediction method, the stock-to-flow model divides the asset’s current supply (stock) by its annual production (flow).

“A simple rule of technical analysis–anytime you talk about charts, charting data is past data–doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen in future,” said Greenspan, explaining the limitations of historic data.

“It can’t predict the demand side,” he argued, noting that “​​price movement within a massive range is not a good indication of where the price is going in short-term.

According to Greenspan, who views support above $30.000 as extremely bullish, “$45.000 is the mid-term price target, and anything below $40.000 is a buying opportunity.”

Bitcoin climbed above $44.000 after a full week of trading at lower prices, as the US inflation rate hit 7%–its biggest annual gain since 1982.

“Every time the Fed prints, the price goes up, when they start pulling back stimulus things get volatile” Greenspan pointed to a direct correlation with Bitcoin price.

Crypto and other so-called ‘risk assets’ such as stocks tend to attract investors when fiat currencies face devaluation.

Crypto trading volumes tied to the Turkish lira recently reached a 15-month high as Turks raced to get rid of their national currency that lost 40% of its value since September 2021.

Institutional adoption

While this year could potentially mean big money pouring into Bitcoin–aka ‘institutional adoption’ at full throttle–leading to a significant price surge–the question is what then?

“Institutional adoption is indeed a death nail to the uncorrelated narrative. Now that the world’s largest money movers are knees deep in the crypto market, they will certainly make decisions on their portfolio while factoring in what’s happening in other markets,” answered Greenspan when asked about how he sees crypto mass adoption affecting Bitcoin’s ‘uncorrelated asset’ status.

Greenspan, whose own investment exposure is 100% in crypto, currently advises the social intelligence platform for crypto investors, LunarCrush, and Electronium, a mobile phone-based crypto project that offers instant transactions at minimal fees, designed with the world’s unbanked population in mind.

Meanwhile, his company Quantum Economics, which is currently advising Luno Global, Cloud Protocol and is preparing to announce another advisory role next week.

The company is currently raising capital for a Bitcoin mining facility ‘Quantum Expeditions,’ and ‘Quantum Equity,’ a DeFi platform for institutional investors and money managers, Greenspan revealed.

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