We take a look at the 2023 price prediction of APE and ADA. Is ApeCoin a good investment? Is Cardano a good investment? Keep reading to see which cryptocurrency is the best investment of 2023.

Interested in picking up projects at ICO stage? We’ve found a project that looks destined to be a huge winner. As an added bonus, they’re running a massive event this weekend to celebrate the introduction of their new VIP tiers. Keep reading to find out more!

ApeCoin (APE): A good investment for 2023?

ApeCoin (APE) led recent market gainers and hiked 5.84% to $5.93 in the latest charts. The coin’s 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day charts are all in the green, with 17%, 14%, and 36% ROI increase, respectively. 

Trading volume has also improved to $165 million from $124 million in the previous session. At press time, ApeCoin (APE) is targeting to break the $6.5 level. It successfully managed to hit the target briefly during the day but was met with a strong buying pressure.

Analysts say the coin has a huge chance of making it above the hard resistance as more buyers will buy into the momentum. On the other hand, it will remain in the bearish zone as charts show a clear consolidation of a bearish symmetrical triangle pattern.

Is APE a good investment? We think there are better opportunities in the market if you’re looking to make a winning investment. 

Cardano (ADA) Shows Signs of Weakening

What could have been a day of huge price recovery turned lukewarm for Cardano (ADA). A day ahead of the Vasil upgrade that will make the blockchain more efficient than its current performance, ADA declined 0.67% to $0.43. 

This only shows investors are pricing over their doubts of what the change could bring into the Cardano network. 

Still, interest in the project is very evident with the token’s trading volume which nearly doubled during the session. More than $789 million worth of Cardano (ADA) had exchanged between hands in the last 24 hours.

Our Cardano price prediction? Don’t hold out for huge gains. This is a great project but it looks like it will remain quiet. 

50% token bonus this weekend at The Hideaways

Investors wanting to keep their toes firm from the stagnating Cardano (ADA) can turn to The Hideaways (HDWY).

The crypto project has recently rewarded investors with a 100% increase after the HDWY price hit $0.02 from $0.01 as its presale event continues to pump. Leaked information has confirmed that a price rise to $0.03 will occur next week and there is a huge opportunity to secure bonus tokens this weekend.

Investing just $2,500 will see total tokens uplifted by 50% – that’s on top of the 25% bonus already on offer! With the price set to increase, this is a fantastic opportunity for investors to generate a huge return on their investment in a short period of time.

The project offers crypto investors the opportunity to benefit from real-world real estate through the generation of monthly rental income from luxury properties sourced at under market value. A $230 trillion market, we think The Hideaways could 23x by 2024. 

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