Digital Currency Research is on a mission to inspire, inform and educate in the areas of  digital assets and blockchain technology.

We are a group of enthusiasts,investors, developers, and artists who love the potential of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency for the growth of the human race.

Founded in November 2019, We make content across a number of digital mediums. Content focused on digital assets and the underlying Blockchain technology that fuel them.

We research real world applications and use cases for Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. Our content is designed to help you understand cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We are active participants in many blockchain ecosystems.  We also create and sell digital collectibles (NFT’s) which are available from our digital marketplace on Rarible.

Our site is a resource for you to learn about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. In addition you will find the latest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain news, Project Reviews, and our range of digital collectibles.


We are not financial advisers and we are not offering financial advice. Our content is purely for educational purposes only. We advise you to do your own research when investing in digital assets.