You are currently viewing Bitcoin Challenges $40K Again Following Biden’s $6 Trillion Spending Budget Reveal

The Biden administration plans to submit a $6 trillion spending budget proposal later this week. Right after the news broke out, bitcoin’s price increased to above $40k but failed to sustain it as of writing these lines. 

  • According to a report from The New York Times, this budget is part of Biden’s two-part federal agenda and will be spent in the 2022 fiscal year. The total spending could rise to US$ 8,2 trillion.
  • Bitcoin broke $40,000 shortly after the announcement but has since retraced a bit to the levels it currently trades at. 
BTC/USD. Source: TradingView
  • Analysts of the crypto community quickly jumped after the announcement, arguing that Bitcoin could store value against a steeping debt curve.
  • This is one of those scenarios where fiat currency will be printed again, reinforcing analysts’ view on fiat hyperinflation and laying down a bullish path for Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin is getting on its feet, now trading at slightly below $40,100. 
  • It tumbled below this level over the past couple of weeks following a series of negative news hitting the market.
  • After the tax hike proposal, Biden said it would take the government until 2030 to decrease its spending deficits, which plants a debt burden for the United States.

Featured image courtesy of The Australian