Charles Hoskinson – the founder of the blockchain platform Cardano – revealed his three reasons why Ethereum falls behind his project. Additionally, he scratched the topic of BTC’s energy consumption.

Why Cardano Is Superior to Ethereum?

In a recent Yahoo Finance interview, Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson criticized Ethereum’s network by calling it overrated and outlining a lack of vital qualities.

First, Ethereum can only process smart contracts while the rival Cardano can do that with governance and compliance. Hoskinson added that his project could operate with metadata and also with automated regulation. Moreover, he concluded that Cardano was created to bring identity to the blockchain system.

Second, Cardano was built as a collection of protocols that could offer economic support to billions of people, specifically in poor regions. Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Georgia are examples where the network cooperated with the local governments to benefit their citizens. In comparison, he mentioned that Ethereum has never done something similar:

”We’ve already started deploying ADA’s system in Ethiopia for five million students.”

Third, Hoskinson opined that Ethereum has a very confusing structure and the upcoming ETH 2.0 release will lead to the demise of the entire network:

”First of all Ethereum is killing itself. They are replacing Ethereum with Ethereum 2.0. In the end ETH 2.0 will kill ETH 1.0.”

After denouncing Ethereum’s capabilities, Hoskinson also commented on the controversy with Bitcoin’s environmental issues. He compared the required energy usage to the ”clear-cutting of the forests in Europe in the 19th century.” He added that most BTC supporters don’t care about this fact, and their main goal is to keep the asset’s reputation as the world’s digital gold.

Cardano’s Invasion in Africa

In late April, Cardano partnered up with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia to work on a blockchain-based national ID system. As a result, the network would benefit 3,500 schools, 5 million students, and 750,000 teachers.

As CryptoPotato reported a few days later, Cardano announced a second major partnership in Africa. Working together with IOHK and World Mobile, ADA’s blockchain would create digital identities, mobile internet connection, and financial acceptance to communities in Tanzania.

The joint venture will start the project from the island of Zanzibar with the main goal aiming to deliver good quality Internet connection while using sustainable, solar-powered energy sources:

”World Mobile has built a network based on a new relationship between people and connectivity in which ownership, governance, and identity work to empower the user and make access available to all in a sustainable way. I am delighted to have formed this symbolic partnership with Input-Output. Together our efforts will open a new world.”