The Australian NFT marketplace NFT STARS is closing the gap between the digital and physical worlds by organizing the first NFT exhibition in Australia SIDUS. Its mission is to introduce the audience to the world of digital art. The exhibition will be held in Melbourne on July 4-14, 2021, introducing a diverse range of artists, and will include an educational program.

The big idea behind the event is to guide people on their way to discovering new facets of art and to showcase the unique world of NFT. Interest in the NFT market has spiked since the beginning of 2021, but the industry remains rather closed, both in terms of financial capabilities and in terms of knowing what it takes to create an NFT. NFT STARS is striving to make the NFT world more inclusive and to create a space in which the general public can take its first step towards it.

Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS, said,

“We believe the future of art is digital. Technology is coming to every sphere of our lives, and it’s natural for artists to portray the world we live in using the tools of our time. We want to break the stereotype that NFT art is only for crypto lovers. SIDUS 2021 is an entry point – perhaps the first touchpoint for many people with regard to this new digital art form.”

Exhibition agenda – why it’s worth visiting

In collaboration with the venue, SpACE@Collins, NFT STARS will display an impressive collection of digital art made by creators featured on the NFT STARS marketplace. However, it will not be limited to this. There will also be an educational corner open every day where visitors can learn the basics about non-fungible tokens how they are minted, sold, transferred and how people can claim their ownership.

Any artists out there can attend the event and mint their own NFT. The team will demonstrate how it is done and will create it together with you on-site, there and then. Digital artists still have the chance to apply and be displayed among the NFT STARS works.

On the weekends, the gallery will turn into an NFT conference. The NFT STARS team will host lectures and workshops, and invite artists and market experts to raise questions relevant to the NFT industry. The list of speakers has not been announced yet, but the team promises an unforgettable and insightful experience.

In line with its aspirations of introducing people to digital art and making it accessible, the event will be completely free. The only exception is the opening ceremony.

Meet the organizers

The event is being organized by NFT STARS, a multi-chain NFT marketplace. NFT STARS is on a mission to shift the focus from NFT speculation back to art appreciation. Its path lies in educating people on the real value of digital art.

The marketplace recently went through two rounds of funding. NFT STARS’ vision of the NFT market is supported by many well-known blockchain and crypto VC funds, including Moonwhale Ventures, DAO Maker, AquaBlock Ventures, Pluto Ventures, Platinum Fund, AU 21 Capital, Coin Celect, ZBS Capital, Magnus Capital, Morningstar Ventures, DEXT Force Ventures, BSCP Holdings, Onemax Capital, Basics Capital, Blockhunter Capital, Cyberfi Samurai, Newave Capital and A2DAO.

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