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Storing your very own seed phrase is likely one of the most important things you can do to protect your bitcoin holdings.

While it’s normal to keep a small amount of your cryptocurrencies on exchanges, you should always have your main bags stored offline on a secure hardware wallet.

What a lot of people tend to overlook, however, is the protection of their seed phrase. A lot of people would write it down on a sheet of paper, but the issue with that is that it can easily get lost, damaged, and even destroyed. And once this happens, you can kiss your holdings goodbye.

Taking care of this in a rather spectacular fashion is CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit. We got our hands on one of these bad boys, and they’re rather awesome. Let’s have a look at the whole package.

What is CRYPTOTAG Zeus?

CRYPTOTAG’s Zeus is a premium private key safekeeping package that will guarantee that your stored seed phrase will not get destroyed even in the worst possible scenario.

It allows you to store your recovery words on 6mm-thick, bulletproof titanium plates. That’s right – you read it correctly – titanium plates.

The above package comes with the following:

  • A guide with a BIP39 code word list
  • Two paper conversion sheets
  • Two premium 6mm-thick, bulletproof titanium plates clipped together
  • An automatic centre punch
  • Two earplugs
  • A box of matches


How Does it Work?

Well, whenever you set up a hardware wallet, you will be prompted to input a 12 to 24-word security phrase – something that you can use to access and potentially restore your wallet if something goes south. If you lose this phrase, you pretty much lose your bitcoins – that’s how important it is. And it makes sense that you store it properly, right?

What CRYPTOTAG’s Zeus package offers is a way to do so in a very secure and, quite frankly, cool way.

Each of the two plates comes with 12 sections, each of which containing 4 boxes with the numbers from 1 to 9. Each box represents one word. The way this works is using the BIP39 code word list.

The BIP39 list can easily be found online, and it’s also included in the user manual that comes with the package. Here’s an example of how it works:


The word “abandon” is represented by the number “0001” – if you want to use it as part of your recovery phrase, put it in the paper conversion sheets. Now, pick up the remaining of your words and put them all on the conversion sheets by their numeral representations.

Once you’ve put the numbers down, it’s time to start punching! That’s right – you literally have to punch dents/holes in the titanium plates. Don’t worry, though, it’s fairly easy using the automatic centre punch. Just make sure that you got all the numbers down correctly because once you punch – there’s no undoing it.

Attention to Details

The entire stylistic and minimalistic approach of the CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit does make a good impression.

They’ve thrown in earplugs and a box of matches as well. The former you use when punching, while the latter you use to burn the conversion sheets once you’ve punched your recovery phrase on the plates.

Do you need earplugs? No, the sound is barely serious. Do you need a box of matches? No, there are thousands of ways you can take care of that. But the attention to detail means the team spent enough time and effort ironing out every wrinkle, which is quite impressive.

In general, this is hands down one of the most exciting and interesting ways to secure your recovery phrases. It’s also one of the safest – these titanium plates can withstand massively high temperatures, making them practically indestructible.

For more information, please visit CRYPTOTAG’s website.