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Andrea Speziali, a young multifaceted Italian artist, has created his first NFT: “My Life”, a work that recounts the author’s life and production in 500,000 images.

The famous artist, born in 1988, has combined a single Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a digital version of half a million images derived from photographs, artworks, sculptures, paintings, drawings, notes, secret documents and frames from some successful videos.

A new all-digital artistic experience for Speziali to add to his rich curriculum, which in the early 1900s was known as Art Nouveau in France and Modern Style in Anglo-Saxon countries. 

On this subject, Speziali commented:

“Life for me is a game of goose, and I really enjoy this digital voyeurism so much that I have dived into NFTs, auctioning off my entire SELF”.

According to reports, an exhibition and performance by the artist will take place before the auction. Specifically, Speziali will place an algorithm-generated bitcoin code, along with his NFT code, on a 1,000-square-metre wallpaper applied to the walls of a villa. 

The participant who is able to identify this code, among the series on display, will be able to win the work, which will be collected at the time of the auction. 

Speziali and NFT image collages: the case of Beeple

Speziali’s new NFT surpasses the highly regarded NFT by Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, in terms of the number of images involved. 

In fact, Everydays: The First 5000 days was, to date, the most successful NFT based on a collage of images to have been sold for ETH, for a value of $69 million

Here we are talking about Beeple’s NFT made of 5,000 images, compared to Speziali’s current NFT collage made of 500,000 images

In these terms, given the artist’s creativity and originality, it has been estimated that the value of Speziali’s NFT could be comparable to Beeple’s digital work. 

Something that Beeple himself had already defined as an ”NFT bubble”. In fact, in March 2021, the author had explained that the surreal event of selling an NFT for $69 million was attributed precisely to the technology. 

In fact, the same figure is higher than the price paid for physical works of art by world-famous and historical artists, such as Picasso and Van Gogh. 

In any case, the NFT market seems to continue to grow. So much so that even His Holiness Pope Francis recently collaborated in the creation of his first NFTs, with the aim of turning the proceeds of sale over to the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation. 

The Pontiff’s NFTs are already available for auction on AkoinNFT, the marketplace founded by crypto enthusiast and rapper Akon. 


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