[PR – Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 26th July, 2021]

Dot.Finance, aka. The House of DeFi is excited to announce its PINK token will be listed on MXC. The exchange will help create more liquidity for PINK and highlight the potential of this DeFi aggregator for the Polkadot ecosystem. Trading will go live on July 20, and the team will add new maximizers pools to Dot.Finance.

Dot.Finance positions itself as a powerhouse in the decentralized finance sector. Its technology helps yield farmers earn the highest returns possible with this native yield aggregator. The project, running on the Binance Smart Chain, prioritizes efficiency and low fees for users looking to compound their interest automatically. DeFi enthusiasts exploring this option can increase their APY while exploring various yield farming opportunities.

The vault strategy of Dot.Finance turns APR into APY. Those who already provide liquidity through other services and projects can achieve a higher profit potential when switching to Dot.Finance. Users will receive PINK as part of their yield farming earnings, which serves as a multiplier on top of the projected APR. This multiplier grows as the Total Value Locked in Dot.Finance increases. Additionally, growth in TVL will help the PINK token appreciate.

The code powering Dot.Finance has been audited and battle-tested. The DeFi powerhouse now provides the highest APY on Binance Smart Chain through their vaults through these processes. The addition of auto-compounding makes for an appealing option that captures value. The PINK token model is also more sustainable and scalable as nothing is given away for free.

As the PINK token will launch on MXC Exchange on July 20, there will be more trading liquidity for Dot.Finance’s native asset. The launch on MXC coincides with new maximizers pools being added to the Dot.Finance platform for their current pairs:







Additionally, the team will publish a new staking pool for the PINK token. That pool will create an extra source of passive revenue for token holders and help increase the platform’s overall APY returns by adding an extra layer of value.

About Dot.Finance

Dot.Finance, a.k.a The House of DeFi, is a Polkadot-based DeFi project that aims to make investments in DeFi protocols easier for everyone. Through its innovative solutions and smooth user interface, Dot.Finance will make processes like yield farming and staking on Polkadot and other blockchains more user-friendly.