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On Tuesday 27 July 2021, the first soft drink token in history will be launched: Dogecola

In fact, this is the first meme token to launch its own non-alcoholic beverage, which will be put on the market by December: it’s a real innovation to expand the crypto market in a still unexplored sector like food, and it will be interesting to see what it will lead to. It’s a purpose that may seem bizarre, like the first goal of phase 3 of the road-map (a retweet by Elon Musk) but, beyond the typical levity of the meme token, DogeCola already provides respectable guarantees to those who want to buy: KYC and Audit have been completed and are available on the official website.  And the roadmap has been followed scrupulously so far.

The presale has already started (the token has already had an increase of 150% in the first hours of trading and the potential is still enormous), and this Wednesday (7/28) the token has been listed on Pancake Swap. 

Dogecola comes with a unique new feature called “AutoBoost”, which has been integrated directly into the smart contract. 

In fact, it is not a simple buyback token, because the AutoBoost function will buy back and burn variable amounts of tokens every time a sale paid in DOGECOLA occurs. 

It is actually a unique function, more powerful than a standard buyback token, mathematically built to make variable buybacks and burn tokens by adjusting for volume in order to maintain stability. The AutoBoost will vary based on the last 24 transactions and readjust based on volume.

The goal is to keep the price high by burning tokens that will be purchased by the AutoBoost every time a sale occurs that is paid for with DOGECOLA tokens. 

In addition, the initial liquidity will be locked in with DXSALE for more than 12 months, and the smart contract was audited by before the pre-sale began.

Another interesting feature is the one that is used to discourage selling and whaling, as the commission is higher on sales, so holders will be rewarded more. There will also be no trading bots. 

In fact, the fee scheme differs between purchases and sales. While on purchase there will be 2% redistributed to the holders, 6% going to AutoBoost, and 4% to marketing and development, on sales 7% will be redistributed to the holders, with another 7% going to AutoBoost, and again 4% to marketing and development. 

In addition, the Dogecola community will make a serious contribution, through regular donations, to the fight against plastic pollution, described as “a serious issue of global concern which requires an urgent and international response involving all relevant actors at different levels”.  The community will vote and decide to which charities the donations will be made.

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