Strategic Tie-Up To Deliver Several New Features

Reef Finance, which recently transitioned to the Reef Chain mainnet, has partnered with Klever, enabling Reef (ETH) and Reef (BSC) holders to exchange their Reef tokens for Reef Chain mainnet tokens via Klever Swap.

In addition to being one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets, Klever has established itself as the first external validator for the Reef Chain and the original platform to provide the only liquidity bridge to Reef Mainnet. The strategic partnership between Reef Finance and Klever introduces more than 3 million users to the Reef ecosystem while adding more value for the community. REEF holders can now seamlessly exchange their tokens with the Reef Chain mainnet as well as stake them through their Klever wallet, helping more users generate returns.

Per Denko Mancheski, Founder of Reef Finance, “It’s time that Reef opened the floodgates for DeFi. Our focus is enabling a new age of cross-chain DeFi, where users from other blockchains can use Reef Chain for all their DeFi needs without hassle. This partnership with Klever is a massive step forwards in terms of decentralization and we are deeply impressed by the professionalism and success of their team. It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new liquidity bridge and staking capabilities with Klever.” 

Empowering dApp Developers And Users

With the launch of the highly anticipated Reef Chain, DeFi developers can finally take advantage of a large-scale and fully EVM-compliant blockchain, integrated within the Polkadot ecosystem. Developed on the Substrate framework, Reef Chain is currently a standalone blockchain that can eventually be directly plugged into the Polkadot parachain ecosystem if it wins a parachain auction. Its construction allows Reef Chain to offer high scalability, low fees, and a wide array of features that will power the dApps of tomorrow.

By enabling the first-ever liquidity bridge with Klever, Reef Finance has opened the gateway for more than three million global Klever users to enter the Reef ecosystem. Klever App features over 300 trading pairs, with more than half of all KLV tokens currently staked by users. Klever’s products and services, combined with Reef Finance’s DeFi offerings, offer users a chance to earn among the highest and safest yields for their crypto assets.

According to Dio Ianakiara, CEO and co-founder of Klever, “Klever is all about making it easy to manage and grow your crypto, while supporting ambitious projects with the same mindset. Therefore we are proud to enter this strategic partnership with Reef Finance to provide the only liquidity bridge to Reef Mainnet seamlessly through Klever Swap and enable Reef Mainnet Staking in Klever. We are also excited to become the first external validator on Reef Mainnet, bringing vast experience of node operations as Klever today maintains close to 100 different nodes on dozens of major blockchains, and being part of advancing decentralization throughout the crypto industry.”


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