After successfully holding various global blockchain events, such as Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 and BSC Summit 2021, Tokocrypto upped the ante when more than 36,000 attendees from over 11 countries attended the virtual T.K.O. Summit 2021 on July 24, 2021.

Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto, said,

“The huge delegation that welcomed the Total Kripto Overview Summit shows the enthusiasm for crypto in Asia. Excitement remains high, and it is essential to engage so we can begin to shape the regional crypto industry.”

Lighting the way for Asia’s crypto market

Bringing together a diverse group of experts and voices, the T.K.O. Summit 2021 offered global expertise in a regional context. Speakers from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and other parts of the globe were on hand to share their knowledge.

The speakers’ lineup included Tokocrypto CEO and co-founder Pang Xue Kai (Kai), alongside other luminaries in the Asia market such as CZ (CEO and co-founder of Binance), Huy Nguyen (Kardiachain CTO) and Nichel Gaba (CEO of PDAX), among others.

Industry players and enthusiasts alike were able to get a closer look at leading crypto organizations and how they operate.

The stars of the show, CZ and Kai, provided some profound insights into the crypto world through their discussions during the opening ceremony. Among the key highlights were the following.

  • The role of crypto education and the provision of which may benefit the market players themselves in terms of customer loyalty
  • The total compliance mantras of Binance and Tokocrypto when it comes to crypto regulations
  • The need for DeFi platform operators to put in place adequate fund tracking mechanisms to mitigate the risks of financial losses due to frauds and exit scams such as rug pulls
  • The importance of NFT platforms duly ensuring the fundamentals of the projects that are launched on their platforms to secure the long-term sustainability of the domain
  • The normalcy of the bull and bear cycles for the crypto market every four years or so has always emerged with stronger support and resistance lines

From discussions about regulations, insights about growing trends, the following steps of development in the region and the future of Toko Token (TKO), the event showed an unprecedented peek behind the curtain of a fast-growing potential economic alternative.

Building on the success of TKO

The event’s success coincides with the growing popularity of Toko Token (TKO), the first hybrid token cryptocurrency to combine both centralized and decentralized finance, which achieved a record-breaking 50,000% oversubscription at launch.

Kai concluded,

“We are ready to expand our idea of financial inclusion to the rest of APAC and beyond, and Tokocrypto’s success with the T.K.O. Summit 2021 gives us hope that the cryptocurrency space will only go on to bigger things from here.”

About Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto is the number-one most trusted cryptoassets digital exchange in Indonesia. Formed by a group of crypto enthusiasts who are strong advocates of the benefits of blockchain technology, our current goal is to help Indonesians gain a broader knowledge of the industry and integrate the technology into society, and subsequently, the global economy.

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