Bitcoin Magazine’s Nik Hoffman had the opportunity to interview the YouTuber who will be present at Bitcoin 2021.

BTC Sessions will be speaking during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami on June 4 and 5. Make sure that you set a reminder for the Bitcoin 2021 day one YouTube live stream and one for the Bitcoin 2021 day two YouTube live stream now.

The Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami is right around the corner and I am beyond excited to hang out with the plebs and meet other Bitcoiners for the very first time. YouTuber and conference speaker, BTC Sessions, is one of those individuals.

The panel he will be participating in, “How NOT to Lose Your Bitcoin,” will take place June 5 on the Stacking Sats stage at 11:45 a.m. EST.

Sessions is at the forefront of content creation in the Bitcoin space with quality content coming in all forms. On his YouTube channel, he posts educational videos, tutorials, podcasts, and live streams such as the weekly fan favorite “Why Are We Bullish?”,which I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on twice now.Creating good quality content, building a loyal audience and staying consistent with uploading is no easy task but Sessions has seemed to perfect his craft. At the time of writing, he has built a successful YouTube channel with nearly 55,000 subscribers. And with more bitcoiners every day looking for signal amongst the noise on YouTube, they’re bound to find his channel. As I’ve witnessed many times before in different industries, the best content creators always rise to the top.

Sessions will be speaking on a panel with Larry Neham, NVK, Nick Neuman and Kevin Loaec, about the importance of self custody. With the experience he’s gained from uploading many hardware wallet and multisig software tutorial videos, he’s one of the best voices to listen to on this topic. Remember: not your keys, not your coins!

I asked Sessions five personal questions about his YouTube channel, content creation, why he’s bullish on Bitcoin and his thoughts on speaking at Bitcoin 2021. See below for an inside look at the creative mind of BTC Sessions.

You have built a very successful Bitcoin YouTube channel; what has been the most rewarding part about this?

Apart from the fact that anyone even watches the show? The most rewarding part has been witnessing people taking steps to ensure their financial sovereignty that they never thought themselves to be technically capable of. The amount of times I’ve had someone say they’ve used a tutorial from the channel to leap into self-custody, spin up their own node or dive into the Lightning Network is truly inspiring. I get to watch Bitcoiners level up every day!

Quality content creation is not easy, and building a loyal audience is a difficult task to complete. Can you dive into and share more about the hard work you put into creating content?

I’ll be honest, it’s been a long, slow process — ESPECIALLY when focusing solely on Bitcoin and refusing to promote scammy pump and dump schemes.

I started the show back in 2016 with the goal of making at least one video per week and I’ve never looked back. The process has been fine tuned over time. I’ll write out all the segments I need to cover, film them, jump into my editor and piece it all together, make my thumbnail and show notes as the video renders, pump the finished product out to YouTube, then share across Twitter and other social platforms. This [is] of course on top of actually LEARNING how to use whatever I’m covering that day.

Comparatively, the live stuff is quite a bit easier using newer streaming platforms. I can basically become a host AND switchboard operator as I pull in my intro, browser, video clips, guests and anything else I like. Things have come a long way!

Bitcoin is in a massive bull run. How important is it to have quality beginner guides and tutorials for noobs to follow?

It’s incredible what front-running the bull runs with some quality basic tutorials will do to free up your time. So many common questions about wallets, security, fees, exchanges… all of them are much better answered with a step-by-step video. I’ve curated a bunch of playlists around various topics, as well as a generalized beginner one for those that don’t even know where to start. It was the best thing I ever could have done through a bear market besides stacking sats.

Every week you host a show asking your guests why they’re bullish. But I want to know why BTC Sessions is bullish on Bitcoin. Don’t hold anything back!

I am SO bullish on Bitcoiners. Through the past seven years I’ve seen the rise of principled individuals that won’t give up an inch on the battlefield for this great equalizer — a permissionless global sound money. Bitcoiners are willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone, regardless of how famous, rich or powerful they are. Bitcoiners celebrate IDEAS, not people. In a world of nihilism and reliance on the elite for small handouts, Bitcoiners choose to take responsibility for their own actions and move forward building a better future with unbridled optimism. If that doesn’t make you bullish, I don’t know what will.

You’ll be taking the stage in front of thousands of Bitcoiners at Bitcoin 2021 in a few days. What do you look forward to most about this gathering?

Bitcoiners are my people. They are my family. I’ve forged some very meaningful relationships with people across the world on this journey, and at times it can be tough not getting that face-to-face interaction. For many of us in the space, we don’t have a lot of friends and family that share our passion, and in some cases we may experience direct opposition to our views every day. This has only been compounded by the mandated isolation of the last year and a half. Honestly for me… this is a family reunion. I can’t wait to come home.

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