Ed Carpenter, a renowned US automobile race driver, has just emerged fifth on the Indianapolis 500. He competed in the race using his Chevrolet that he had pimped with the Bitcoin logo.

Indianapolis 500, shortly known as Indy500, is a popular racing event in the United States. The race was the 105 season of the event and was dubbed ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing.’

The incorporation of Bitcoin in such a race is quite iconic, and it comes at a crucial time when the currency is struggling to regain its lost value. Coming out fifth in the race is quite remarkable as the race has 33 other racers.

Advocating for Bitcoin

Ed Carpenter has come out as a promising race driver, given that he has been a popular participant in previous events. Before the race commented, Ed Carpenter made remarks praising the cryptocurrency, and some form of excitement could be detected from his tone.

“Today, we make history. Today, ECRIndy is proud to race for human freedom, financial inclusivity, saving technology, and Bitcoin development. Bitcoin is the hardest money mankind has ever conceived. There is nothing more I’d rather suit up for.” Ed Carpenter stated.

When he was speaking during the announcement at the beginning of the month, Carpenter stated that he was supportive of Bitcoin. He stated that in the same way that Bitcoin was changing the financial sector, the digital asset could also revolutionize the motorsport sector.

The race was quite symbolic, given that at one point, it almost revealed the competition that is ongoing between traditional financial sectors and the crypto sector. This happened when the BTC Chevrolet 21 was in a tight race with another racing car sponsored by PNC Bank. Interestingly, the other race car ran out of gas and had to refuel while Ed carpenter passed the car at full speed and progressed with the race.

Cryptocurrencies and the Sports Sector

This is not the only instance when Bitcoin has created a spectacle in the sporting sector. Last summer, Darrel ‘Bubba’ Wallace also used the symbol during the NASCAR racing competition. Wallace is a great figure in racing as he is the first and only African-American to win in that particular race.

Other than taking over the motorsport world, Bitcoin is slowly creeping into the soccer sector. In 2019, Watford FC, an English football club, used the BTC logo on their jersey shirts. Watford FC also stated that the club was building more awareness towards Bitcoin and integrating crypto payments when purchasing merchandise.

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